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Democrats want YOU to pay for abortions. Watch the video above.
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This is the toolset Catholics need to help re-elect President Trump and save the unborn. 

We are like you; mission-driven Catholics dedicated to building powerful on-line pro-life activists. 

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National Survey for Catholic Voters

We'll be sending the results to Washington politicians and the national media to let them know how Catholics really feel about President Trump, the Republican party, and the New Democrats. 

1.] Are you a voting Catholic? 

2.] Among Catholics you know, do you think most are likely to vote for President Trump or Joe Biden





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When You Sign Up to be a Catholic Paul Revere (CPR) Rider, you get free . . .

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  • Why 2020 is the whole Ballgame for Catholics

  • Democrat BRANDING campaign materials

This week's Recommended Reading List . . 

93-page 'Biden report' exposes Democrat candidate's strongly anti-Catholic platform  - LifeSite


Howie Carr: "Democrats have a long, sordid history of anti-Catholicism." - Boston Herald 


Priest warns US voters: ‘You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat’ - LifeSite


Pelosi wants to keep churches closed - Bill Donaue, Catholic League, 


Catholic group launches $9.7M campaign against Biden targeting swing-state voters - The Hill 


Why Trump is the Catholic Choice in 2020 - The American Conservative 

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