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How Conservatives Can Have a BIG Win in 2024

​A ConservativeHQ Article by FedUp PAC Chairman Richard A. Viguerie

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If you are a subscriber to The Washington Times, here is the article that went live this week: 

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In Case You Missed the Latest FBI Scandal:

The FBI and 'Radical' Catholics (

This week's Recommended Reading List . . 

Archbishop has strong words about this election and President Trump's fight against evil

‘MAGA nuns’ at Trump rally become internet sensation, enrage liberals - LifeSite

The Trump administration delivers on life - Family Research Council


The battle over Amy Coney Barrett shows how life and death are on the ballot in November - Breitbart 


7 things Big Tech has done to supress the pro-life message - Live Action 


Here is a list of all the Cardinals, bishops, and priests warning about the abortion extremism of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris - LifeSite 


Dissident Catholics despise Amy Coney Barrett's pro-life views - Catholic League


President Trump's top 13 pro-lfie accomplishments - LifeNews

National Grassroots Conservative Catholics 2024 Issues Poll

(Background): As you may know, eight of the thirteen 2024 Republican presidential candidates qualified for and participated in the first Republican National Committee debate on Wednesday, August 23 on Fox News.

Today’s Question:  In your opinion, which of the following candidates do you think won this debate?

[In case you missed it, HERE is my recent article on the most important issue facing America today, America’s Spiritual Civil War.]

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(Here are a couple links to help you reach out and thank those handful of conservative heroes for their efforts to pursue the truth on Biden corruption -- for U.S. Senators: and for U.S. House Members: Homepage | ).

Here’s a list to start with:


Chuck Grassley

Ron Johnson



Lauren Boebert

Ben Cline

James Comer

Byron Donalds

Matt Gaetz

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Jim Jordan

Darrell Issa

Jason Smith


Send This Email to Your Fellow Catholics!

A Ready-to-send email sample you can use to send to family, friends, neighbors, and others right now that urge they vote to re-elect President Trump.


You can use this e-mail sample (all, bits and pieces, or personalize if you wish) to help convince your family and friends who are Catholic, or just undecided, that President Trump is their true champion on issues of concern to them and should be re-elected.

The e-mail is crafted to address the concerns that Catholics have and why President Trump is the right choice for President.


The idea is to provide sample e-mail notes for Catholics to use and forward to everyone in their circle of influence and urge they do the same and so on.  This has the potential to reach tens of millions of voters quickly and at a very low cost.

See sample Ready-to-Send e-mails  HERE

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