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1) White Paper on Kamala Harris

2) Sample Catholic get out the vote telephone script

3) Top 10 Reasons Kamala Harris is the Most Anti-Catholic VP  Pick Ever

4) Catholic CPR Memo from Richard Viguerie


Organize people to take action online and offline


First: Send to your e-list the Catholics for God & Life Sign Up page. Urge they sign up to receive free materials to help BRAND the Democrats as anti-God, pro-infanticide, and anti-Catholic.


Second: Print out the Sign Up forms and hand deliver to your circle of friends, neighbors and fellow churchgoers so they can start receiving Catholics for God & Life campaign materials.


Third: Help circulate The Hyde Amendment Petition. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to know that Catholics would be outraged if an amendment to repeal the Hyde Amendment (legislation prohibiting taxpayer fund for abortions) comes up on the Senate Floor for a vote. Additionally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi needs to understand that Catholics will not tolerate any effort by the Democrats to force all taxpayers to pay for abortions.


Fourth: Help fund the effort by Catholics for God & Life by urging others (family, friends, neighbors, and fellow churchgoers) to support our efforts with a generous gift.


Go to and sign up as a CPR Rider today and download free campaign materials.

Engage Catholic activists with mobile messages


Help create a 250,000 army of volunteer Catholic voters to help defeat the New Democrats from winning in November and forcing all taxpayers (including you) to pay for abortions.


Go to: now!

Yard Signs & Bumper Sticker and more

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