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National Grassroots Conservative Catholics 2024 Issues Poll results for the week of 8-17-23

(BACKGROUND):  Under the cover of darkness on August 14, former President Donald Trump was indicted on felony charges, relating to his challenge of the 2020 Georgia election results, by the partisan anti-Trump Democrat District Attorney in Fulton County (Atlanta).  This legal action is another clear blow to our constitutional republic and rule of law.  This fourth indictment is also part of the unprecedented judicial witch hunt of Trump to interfere with the 2024 presidential election.  Trump is now facing 91 counts in four different cases.

It seems clear that Democrat officials at the federal and local levels are trying to jail the likely 2024 opponent of Joe Biden, to divert campaign resources into legal expenses, and to distract from discussion of important policy differences between Biden and Trump.  This is the kind of thing that happens in Third World banana republics rather than the United States of America. 

Today’s Question:  Does this latest indictment make you more or less likely to vote for Donald Trump for President in 2024?

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