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Petition to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Condemn
Hate Crimes Against Catholic Churches and Pregnancy Centers

We, as Catholic Americans, are outraged and share enormous pain, sorrow, and concern about the increasing hate crimes and violence against Catholic churches and pregnancy centers. We unequivocally condemn hatred and violence against pro-life institutions, which have soared after the Supreme Court’s decision that reversed Roe v. Wade.

The ever-increasing hate crimes against Catholic churches and pregnancy centers have provoked a sense of fear and terror within our community. No one should be victim to senseless physical attacks or fear for their safety or the safety of their place of worship and community women’s health centers.

Furthermore, we call upon you as a congressional leader and Catholic to immediately denounce and condemn these acts of domestic terrorism.

We must not treat these acts of violence as individual crimes alone. Rather, we need to address these attacks as political hate crimes against peace-loving Americans who believe all life is sacred.

We demand that the violence against Catholic institutions be recognized, taken seriously, and those who have committed violent acts to churches and pregnancy centers be brought to justice.

We demand that the Democrat Party, under your leadership, come forward to denounce and condemn these hate crimes that have targeted peace-loving pro-life Americans. 

We demand that more resources be allocated to conduct law enforcement investigations into the groups and funding behind these hate crime attacks.

We demand that pro-life Americans be treated as equals, and as all humans deserve to be treated, with compassion, dignity, and respect regardless of their faith and political beliefs.

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