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Tennessee Bishop Calls Out Joe Biden’s Pro-Abortion Policies

Stephen Kokx

October 10, 2020

More and more Catholic clergy are speaking out against Joe Biden’s radical pro-abortion, anti-Catholic views.

It’s about time!

The latest to single out Biden by name is Bishop Richard Stika of the Nashville Diocese.

On twitter this weekend, Stika said, “I find it difficult to understand how any person with any sense of human dignity can support abortion, especially if one has any faith.”

“Biden and the rest wish to allow the ultimate child abuse and the greatest against humanity, abortion,” he continued.

“Some Catholics, including some clergy will hide behind other violations of human dignity but abortion is the preeminent issue for the Catholic Church. Biden supports ending the Hyde Amendment, is against parental choice for education and wishes to make abortion the law of the land. One knows the tree by the fruit.”

These are some of the strongest remarks issued by any American prelate towards Joe Biden.

Others who have called Biden out include Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Illinois, Archbishop Samuel Aquila of Colorado, and Cardinal Raymond Burke, who previously said Biden is not a “good standing” member of the Catholic Church due to his radical pro-abortion views.

It’s great that more bishops are singling out Joe Biden for his pro-abortion record. He’s a living scandal to the Catholic faith. As a high-profile Catholic politician, what he says and does sets an example for others. It is right and just that he be admonished for his totally un-Catholic policies.

By speaking out against him, Stika and his confreres are showing that they’re not going to remain silent as millions of unborn babies are murdered. Hopefully more will continue to raise their voices as election day draws near. We laity are in desperate need of strong leadership these days.

Be sure to thank Bishop Stika for his witness to truth. His office can be reached at (865) 584-3307 and his executive secretary (Peggy Humphreys) can be contacted at

And make sure to spread the word to your fellow Catholics about Joe Biden’s radical anti-life, anti-Catholic, and anti-American views. Election day is right around the corner.

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