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Media Completely Ignores Catholics, Religious Liberty, Abortion at Second Presidential Debate

Stephen Kokx

October 26, 2020

As I was watching the second presidential debate, I kept thinking to myself, “weren’t coronavirus and race relations covered at the first presidential debate at length? Why is the moderator bringing up these topics yet again? Why hasn’t there been any talk about abortion or religious liberty?”

And then it hit me.

The media only wants to talk about topics they believe are favorable to Joe Biden…and to avoid those topics on which President Trump receives high ratings.

Throughout the entire general election season, the press has largely ignored the extremism of Joe Biden’s support for women ending the life of their unborn child up until birth, even though polls show Americans strongly disagree with late-term abortion.

They’ve also failed to press him on his full-throated embrace of the LGBT agenda and whether he would uphold religious liberty for Christians whose faith is at odds with transgenderism.

What the corrupt media has been doing instead is trying to get President Trump to denounce white nationalism for the 658th time.

It’s all obviously a coordinated effort to hide Biden’s radical policies and to make him seem like a moderate, while at the same time attempting to link the president to fringe elements on the right.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the second presidential debate didn’t focus on issues Catholic voters are most concerned about.

The media, the Deep State, and the Democrat Party all agree that the Church’s moral teachings on life, sexuality, and marriage are forms of “hate speech” that should be eradicated from public discourse. President Trump represents an existential threat to their plans.

President Trump is also a threat to the globalist plot to decrease human population, take away our civil liberties, shut down our churches, and usher in a socialist, one-world, secular republic where God is denied His rightful place among the nations.

Catholics need to stand with President Trump against these fomenters of evil.

If Catholics don’t, they can kiss their religious liberty and the lives of countless more unborn children goodbye.

I know I’m not willing to let that happen. That’s why I’m going to make as many phone calls and talk to as many American voters as possible in the last days of the campaign to ensure President Trump’s pro-life, pro-God message gets out.

I hope you’ll join me. Far too much is at stake.

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