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Catholic Priests Outline the ‘Danger’ a Biden Administration Would Pose to Religious Liberty

Stephen Kokx

October 17, 2020

Fr. Ed Meeks from Christ the King Church in Towson, Maryland just delivered a blistering attack on Joe Biden’s candidacy for president.

During a sermon that has now gone viral on YouTube (watch it in full below), Father Meeks explains why no Catholic can vote for Joe Biden.

Meeks said that when it comes to abortion and other non-negotiable issues, Joe Biden stands “in very public [and] very obstinate opposition to Church teaching.”

“There are certain realities about the candidates and their parties that directly impact our Catholic faith, and we must be aware of these realities before we cast our vote,” he continued.

Among those realities, Father said, includes the fact that Joe Biden is “unabashedly pro-abortion” and that he favors “same-sex marriage.”

A Biden presidency would also be “a danger to our already dwindling religious liberty,” he added.

Meeks concluded his barnburner of a sermon by adding that Joe Biden would open the door for the US to become a socialist country.

Bravo to Father for having the courage to speak out! His remarks remind me of 2 Timothy 4:2: “Preach the truth in season and out of season.”

Father Meeks has clearly grasped the very real threat a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris administration poses to Catholics in America. Their support for extreme bills like the misleadingly named “Equality Act” would demand Catholic schools all over the country affirm the radical LGBT agenda. Father is absolutely right in saying no Catholic can vote for the Democratic ticket in 2020.

Hopefully Father’s parish was listening to his words. Let’s pray that not only more priests sound the alarm like he did, but that Catholics in the pews vote the way they are supposed to come November 3rd. Contact Father Meek’s office to thank him by email or by phone (410) 321-0711.

And make sure to join the Catholic Paul Revere Riders (CPRs) and help spread the word about the anti-Catholic, anti-God, and anti-Life new Democrats and the dangers they pose to our faith, our church and our nation.

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