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God and Life Poll

Add your voice to other pro-life Catholics who demand House Republicans keep the Hyde Amendment language in all spending bills to protect the unborn.

Please include your Zip Code so your Poll answers can be delivered to your Members of Congress for maximum effect.

1.] Are you aware that President Biden’s recent massive spending bill removes the Hyde Amendment language that for 45 years prohibited the use of your tax dollars to pay for most abortions?
2.] Are you aware that the New Democrats in Congress have recently launched an aggressive effort to oppose the confirmation of pro-life Catholics who seek to serve in top U.S. government jobs?
3.] Do you believe the Department of Justice and FBI have become weaponized against the Catholic Church and Catholics for a faith that opposes the Democrats’ transgender, abortion, homosexual marriage, and child sex-mutilation surgery agenda?
4.] Are you in favor of the Democrats’ proposed healthcare law reforms that would force all healthcare plans pay for abortions, force pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise abortions, and force the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for contraception and abortion drugs?
5.] Who do you believe can win the 2024 general election for president against a Democrat candidate?
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