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Petition to Congress
To Designate Attacks on Catholic Churches as Domestic Terrorism

Whereas, since civil unrest began on May 28, 2020, there have been at least 203 attacks against Catholic churches in the United States, including arson attacks which damaged or destroyed historic churches; spray-painting and graffiti of satanic messages;

Whereas, rocks and bricks thrown through windows; and statues destroyed (often with heads cut off);

Whereas, the attacks on Catholic churches have been widespread across the country, affecting 38 states. Large clusters of attacks include New York City (19); Denver (10); Los Angeles (10); Portland, Oregon (8); the D.C. area (7); Seattle (7); Boston (7); Houston (4); Philadelphia (4); and Miami/South Florida (4). Some of the churches have been attacked multiple times;

Whereas, a new spate of at least 66 attacks has occurred since the draft Supreme Court opinion proposing to reverse Roe v. Wade was leaked in early May 2022, with many including graffiti with pro-abortion messages;

Whereas, The Biden Administration has thus far refused to act to protect Catholic churches and stop these acts of domestic terrorism;

Therefore, Congress urging they immediately add into the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2022 language to the effect that all attacks on churches (to include Catholic churches) consisting of any damage, destruction, fire, and or defacing shall be investigated by the FBI and classified as a “Hate Crime” and punishable to the fullest extent of the law.


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